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 Wonderful film - Modern Times

If you think this small projector is only a model, then you are wrong. It’s a real film projector. Very classic, very mechanical, comes with 58 Frame, let this small projector take you back to the old days when every scene is black and white.

ROKR Classic Film Projector

ROKR Vitascope is a world first Battery-free 3d wooden model of Vintage movie projector. The product contains 154 pcs laser-cut wood parts, a hand-crank generator, a film, and other components. This building toy no need battery, use the hand crank to drive. There is a mini electric generator inside can provide green power. The assembly model can play film - Modern Times, in the dark with the best distance 12 inches. Really a Fun project!

Are you a fan of self-assembled 3D models?

If you enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing an amazing 3D puzzle, look no further. This Vitascope 3D is absolutely amazing and is surely one of the highest quality 3D modeling kits I have ever seen.

Fully operational

28 mm focal lens

German precision engineering

100% of manual energy generated, does not require batteries

Made of Basswood


Based on antique-style film projector, LK601 Vitascope represents the great charm of the Silent Film Era. Assemble it piece by piece, rotate the crank to project a classic clip of Chaplin movie.You will savor a carefree pleasure during and after the building experience.

  • best puzzle game& hobby for 14+
  • 4~6 hours of building fun
  • precise pre-cut wood sheets &clear assembly manual
  • educational toy to enhance STEM concepts
  • replaceable film (you can homemade film by yourself! 
· REAL PROJECTOR: bring your own movie projector into life with 183 wood pieces. Enjoy a black& white film of Chaplin’s classic piece.

· HAND GENERATOR: no battery needed, totally green. Just crank the handle to run the motor inside and generate power for screen light.

· CHALLENGE YOUR BRAIN: hours of immersive building to tease your mind. Step by step construct structures of an appealing model and be proud of your work.

· VINTAGE HOME DECOR: antique style design and exquisite outlook make it an artistic decoration for your home& office.

· UNIQUE GIFT: gift for all. Whenever it’s birthday, anniversary or holiday, this is a perfect choice to express your love.

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