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3D Wooden Rubber Band Shooter Puzzle-Virbius



  • ◆Design: Virbius rubber band pistol. Pieces:29. Laser cutting technology, high quality products.
  • High-quality craftsmanship! Connect pieces without harmful chemicals. Equipment is unnecessary.
  • ◆Target: children over 14 years old, adults. Improve parent-child interaction, improve children's social skills, parent-child interaction.
  • ◆Gifts:Ideal for children's gifts! It's also good for adults. You would like assemble the woodcraft. It will be a good decoration.
  • ◆Material:High quality Basswood. For self- assembling, no glue required.
  • [Completion size] 219*25*129mm.
  • [Package Size] 37*23.4*2.4cm.
  • [Weight] 0.44kg.